Thursday, October 8, 2009

EURUSD up and away

Picture perfect signal yesterday as all targets were hit for 75 pips. Would have been more but the I entered after the hammer signal on the 1-hour chart that pierced our entry at 1.4650. I circled the hammer candlestick on blue on the chart below so you all could see it. Nice formation, long wick pierced lows/support and body closed above intraday lows. From there it was more or less straight up. I keep saying it but I think the USD is overbought. But it doesn’t matter since we trade the trade and the trend is up. Another higher higher and volatility in the market seems to be decreasing which is a sign the trend has strength. Ultimately I will look for the pair to re-challenge the yearly high at 1.4850. Whether or not it will break that level I don’t know.
Trading Idea: Trend is up and I am looking to buy dips on a failure of support at 1.4720. Long targets at 1.4755, 1.4790 and 1.4825.

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