Friday, November 20, 2009


In the short-term I will look for range opportunities in the triangular consolidation with a definite leaning towards bearish trades and selling on rallies. I will look for bearish candlesticks to confirm, and look for entries around 1.4950-1.4980 resistance.
Today Shorts preferred. From 1.4980 resistance targets are 1.4950, 1.4915, 1.4880.
Happy Weekend..

Monday, November 16, 2009


 EUR/USD losses were limited late Friday as the pair rallied back up above 1.4900.  In the short-term I am looking for a drop to the trend support around 1.4800, and I am a bit bearish below last week’s top of 1.5050. Therefore I will look to sell on a rally below 1.5050, preferably around 1.5015.
 Look for shorts below 1.5050 with targets (from 1.5015) at 1.4980, 1.4950, 1.4915 and 1.4880. Above 1.5015 look for a re-challenge of 1.5050

Monday, November 9, 2009


 I saw good pips last week off of the EUR/USD rise and, to begin this week, the trend remains strongly to the upside and I will continue to look for buying opportunities on dips. Fundamentally the market is still attempting to figure out whether an economic recovery is actually happening or if it is just government-supported, and IF it is happening for real what the implications for the EUR/USD would be. In the meantime the pair has technically been steadily making higher highs and higher lows. In summary: the short-term trend is up so I will look to buy.
Trading Idea:   support zone between 1.4900-1.5050 and I will look for a failure/bullish signs in this area. Long targets preferred at (from 1.4870) 1.4905, 1.4970 and 1.5100.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

NON Farm Payrolls

This Friday the markets look to the US as the latest Non Farm Payrolls data is released. Nothing has the power to trigger big movements in the Forex market the way Non Farm Payrolls can!
Last month, in the two hours around the Non Farm Payrolls announcement the EUR/USD moved 160 pips. Large movements like this are the reason why Non Farm Payrolls (NFP) is the talk of the Forex market.
Before Non Farm Payrolls there are two important announcements you can use to try to figure out where the dollar might be heading this week:
  1. The latest US interest rates are announced on Wednesday. Rates are expected to remain on hold, and any change could trigger a shock to the Forex market.
  2. The ADP employment change result is also released on Wednesday. This is the most important indicator in advance of Non Farm Payrolls. It can be used to predict the NFP result and is a trigger to action in the dollar all by itself.

Monday, November 2, 2009

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