Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Today.. Earlier signal at 1.4920 was never tripped as EUR/USD blasted through resistance on the 60M chart without flinching. I have to admit I am not real wild on buying the EUR/USD at this level. The pair has been very closely tied with US stocks, and those stocks remain overbought and are in need of profit-taking. However, with the Fed seeing no signs of easing back on the money printing it is feasible we will see continued USD weakness. Therefore, I have to go with the tried and true and continue trading with the trend, which means buying on dips near support. Trading Idea: We have support at 1.4950 (23.6% fib), 1.4930 (38.2%) and above 1.4900 in the area of the 50% retracement and former support. Starting from 1.4900 we have targets at 1.4940, 1.4970 and 1.5000.

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